Current Production


Performances:          April 2022 – Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 nightly @ 7.00pm

Performance Venue: St Margaret Mary’s theatrette

                                    Disabled access, air-conditioned

Tickets:                      Adults $25

                                    Concessions (e.g. aged pensioners) & Tertiary Students $20

                                    TLT Members (a member’s ticket is for the sole use of the member, except where a family membership has been paid, naming the family members to be included) & High School Students $15




One Act Plays


Lockdown in Little Grimly

Written by:        David Tristram               Directed by:      Alan Cooke

Synopsis:         They’re back!  This is the fifth of the hugely popular Little Grimley series, which follows the antics of a hapless Amateur Dramatic Society desperate for audiences.  In a time of lockdown, Chairman Gordon calls for an emergency meeting, complete with social distancing, to discuss his ideas for their next production when restrictions ease – a touching love story set in a hospital, will all profits destined for the local hospital.  But based on their previous efforts, will the hospital actually end up worse off??


A Basic Human Right

Written by:        Susan Mattocks            Directed by:      Iain McDougall

Synopsis:         When a group of ladies, in an outback branch of the CWA, realise they are losing their only hairdresser, there is nothing they won’t do to keep her!


Blood, Guts and… Questions?

Written by:        Teri Galea-Thorne                      Directed by:      Teri Galea-Thorne

Synopsis:         Mike and Colin are two soldiers on patrol… well, lost on patrol… well, they have lost their patrol.  Mike is a senior officer who is a ‘by the book’ type of guy… but the grunts call him Major Prat.  Poor little Colin Stewart, a rookie, is about to find out why Major Mike Prantis is such a pain in the… proverbial.




10 Minute Plays:


It Started with a Parcel

Written by:        Teri Galea-Thorne                      Directed by:      Stephen Duffy

Synopsis:         Bob is a middle-aged man who works hard at what he believes is a dead end job.  The last thing Bob wants is an argument as he has been arguing with clients and his foreman all day at his warehouse job. It is Friday, it is 5:30pm, the footy is about the start and the beer is getting warm. Bob is not going to enjoy anything because Sophie wants questions answered and is threatening with a shotgun… all because of a parcel delivery.



The Grave Yard Shift

Written by:        Catherine McKernan Doris                     Directed by:      Christine Scott

Synopsis:         Thrust together during Covid, a husband and wife are out of their comfort zones.  Who will crack first?



A Certain Age

Written by:        Julie Johnston                           Directed by:      Sonia Zabala

Synopsis:         On the eve of her birthday, a woman is assessing her appearance and challenging society’s opinion.

Our Little Theatre

Townsville Little Theatre is a dynamic, local community theatre group that has been operating in the city for 50 years.  Over that period we have become an integral part of the community, offering not just family entertainment, but a starting point for many young people interested in a career in the arts. We pride ourselves on the professional standard of our work.

As a community theatre group, we have a commitment to encourage our members to become involved at all levels of the theatre.  We like to do the things that challenge us and those around us for the betterment of amateur theatre.  We encourage all our members to become involved either in directing or learning to direct,  being a member of the cast of a production, being in the stage crew and/or lighting/sound team, and not to forget the all-important front of house crew.

Objects and Aims of the Townsville Little Theatre:
Our stated aim is to promote live theatre in North Queensland and to provide members with the opportunity for recreation and artistic expression.

How we achieve our Aims
A Full and Varied Programme.  Each year the artistic committee reviews a number of play scripts and produces a planned programme and invites producers and directors to take up the challenge of putting on the selected plays.

Four Major Productions.  We aim for four major productions each year, together with one or two entries into the North Qld Festival of One-Act Plays and our own Short Season of Short Plays and a Family Play.