Bedside Manners

Director: Alan Cooke

Audition date: Sunday the 17th of November. All auditions will take place at St Mary’s Hall on Ingham Road. (See below for audition details).

Book your audition by contacting Donna Clayton-Smith on 0411 686 814. Provide a contact name and email address.

Prepare: No preparation required – this audition will be a cold read. We are mainly looking for your willingness to be directed.

Synopsis: When Ferris reluctantly agreed to look after his sister’s seedy country inn while she’s on vacation, he did not anticipate all the wild comings-and-goings involving her affairs! Over the course of his house-sitting, Ferris becomes engulfed in lies, confusions, and bewilderments as he tries prevent the inevitable meetings of husbands, wives, and lovers in assorted compromising situations.

Characters: 2 females; 3 males FERRIS – (Late 20s-60s) Role will require movement (running up and down stairs, jumping, etc.) ROGER – (Late 20s-50s) Roger exudes confidence and swagger, thinks of himself as a player. The Actor will have to appear on stage in only his underwear at one point. GEOFF – (Late 20s-50s) Geoff is an opposite of Roger; much more mild-mannered and easily rattled. The Actor will have to appear on stage in only his underwear at one point. SALLY – (Late 20s-50s) Geoff’s wife/Roger’s “mistress”: Sally is a Cougar (or so she thinks). This character will need to show intoxication.* HELEN – (Late 20s-50s) Roger’s wife/Geoff’s “mistress.” Helen is a smart woman, but easily rattled and unsure that this affair is a good idea, even though she cares for Geoff.* * The women in this show out-smart their husbands.

Each character will need to speak with an English accent – Coaching will be provided.

Performance dates: February/March 2020 (TBC)

Performance venue: PIMPAC 

Rehearsals: 3 times a week including two weekday nights and a Sunday afternoon. (negotiated with cast and crew)