Auditions for “Bloody Murder”
Saturday, 25 November 2017
2pm at Castle Hill PCYC

Performances at PIMPAC
Actual performance dates to be decided with Pimlico SHS in Jan 18.  However the plan is for it to be performed in March 2018

Lady Somerset – In her 60s.  A woman of great wealth  and social standing.  Owner of the house  and hostess of the evening.
Jane – In her 60s. Lady Somerset’s maid and head of staff.
Emma Rees – Late 20s. The far-too-innocent ingénue
The Countess – Late 30s, quite strikingly preserved.  The mystery woman with an accent.
The Major – Late 60s.  Served with the military in India and constantly reminds everyone of it.
Devon Tremaine – Late 40s to early 50s.  Formerly a great tragic actor,  now declining because of his fondness of single-malt Scotch.
Charles – Late 30s to early 40s.  Her Ladyship’s worthless nephew.
Chief Inspector Phelps – 40s or 50s.  The dim-witted policeman


A twisted, fourth-wall breaking, whodunnit: a play that turns the murder-mystery genre on its head.
A group of the usual British murder-mystery types gather for a weekend retreat at the sumptuous country estate of the esteemed Lady Somerset. There’s the major who served in India; the inebriated, fading actor; the innocent ingénue; the exotic lady in red; the mysterious Chinese gentleman; the rich dowager aunt and her faithful maid and worthless nephew. Suddenly, one of them dies of poison! Well, of course. Oh, what fun! But wait … Her Ladyship refuses to summon the police! She says she won’t go through all this, again. All what, again? And why were they all invited here in the first place? Is this actually just another formulaic, all-too-predictable mystery story? Or is it something diabolically … different?

Cameo roles available for:

A stranded Motorist
Mr Woo, 
a Chinaman
El Gato, a Frenchman.

All our auditions are cold reads from the script.  No preparation required just bring along your biggest smile and enthusiasm for role you would like.